• October 11, 2019

Farmgate Café celebrates 25 years in the English Market

Farmgate Café celebrates 25 years in the English Market

25 years later, we are still here. In short: thank you. Thank you to all our steadfast customers, to our excellent colleagues here in the Market and at City Hall, and to all the team who work diligently everyday.

Celebrations on Friday 4 Oct 2019 to mark 25 years in the English Market

Particular thanks to Maróg O’Brien, founder of the original Farmgate, innovator and entrepreneur, mentor. 25 years ago she saw the Market as being a logical place for another Farmgate. And likewise to Clare O’Brien – who worked with us here for many years. Truly the most talented bread maker we have ever come across.

As soon as we enter the Market in the morning and we hear the particular soundscape, and feel the sheer energy of the place – we know we are in the right spot and in the right city. Of course you don’t get to 25 years without a dedicated team – full of bright, energetic and hardworking people. Two people need to be singled out though … Elaine and Seamus – treading the boards for over 17 years. Thick and thin are the words that spring to mind, and so many Christmas Eves trying to sort out the cold room …’nuff said.

And to all the people on the team right now, from all parts of the country and globe: THANK YOU

Ruth – Offaly
Pam – Galway
Sandra – Wexford
Laura – Cork
Maja – Croatia
Seamus – Mayo
Thiago – Brazil
Marek – Poland
Liam – Cork
Zoe – Cork
Sam – Cork
Margarita – Columbia

Elaine – Cork
Isobel – Cork
Priscila – Brazil
Aisling – Cork
Laura – Spain
Raf – Brazil
Jessica – Cork
Evelyn – Cork
Murieann – Cork
Sarah-Jane – Cork
Michael – Cork

And to all of you still coming up the stairs and still parting with your hard-earned euros. We are here because you are here. We do not take it for granted. The café and the Market feels like an extended family to us, perhaps a touch of ‘faulty towers’ depending on the day … but then we get up and go at it all again the next day and the next … And lastly, but very definitely not least – to the writers, poets, painters, musicians, photographers, and sculptors – you bring a very special quality to our lives. Thank you.

Divine Visitor a poem by Theo Dorgan for the 25th anniversary of the Farmgate Café, Cork

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