• April 20, 2016

Radicals & Revolutionaries at the Farmgate

Radicals and Revolutionaries at the Farmgate

Radicals & Revolutionaries at the Farmgate

Hard at work in the Farmgate last night… Our installation, Women of the South: Radicals and Revolutionaries, created by us in collaboration with UCC scholars, poets and writers, is being put in place.

Women of the South is an archival photographic installation and series of public events in honour of the revolutionary women of Munster – feminists, nationalists, socialists, suffragists, civil rights activists – who participated in the foundation of the Irish state, and who have been forgotten and marginalised for over a century.

We will be hosting a series of gatherings, talks and workshops, alongside this unique installation which will share remarkable archival material – fascinating photographs, witness statements, letters, and speeches by Cork women/women in Cork from this period.

See more at the Women of the South site.

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